Spider Veins Treatment

spider veinsThe gold standard of treatment is Sclerotherapy. As I often say, sclerotherapy is a combination of science, skill and art. Successful Spider Veins treatment is dependent on good judgment, skilled pre treatment decision-making and experience measured in years not days!

Spider Veins Treatment and Removal With Sclerotheraphy

Sclerotherapy is the injection of solutions into spider veins that result in damage to the vein wall. Usually this will take more than one treatment. Overtime the body will gradually absorb the vein and cause them to fade if not disappear entirely.

Sclerotherapy With Injections

At AKCVLM only FDA approved solutions are used. The primary sclerosants, as they are called, are polidocanol (Asclera®) and sodium tetradecyl (Sotradecol®).
Many practitioners will use these same solutions but obtain them from compounding pharmacies. Unfortunately those solutions are not FDA approved and tested. Don’t get me wrong, I am a believer in compounding pharmacies and personally use them. However, these vessels are so small and unforgiving, that any impurities in the solution can lead to problems. The solution used, whether FDA approved or compounded, is a decision made by the treating or supervising physician. However, the patient should be involved in the decision making process as well.

Sclerotherapy With Surface Laser

Many physician and non-physicians who treat spider veins use surface laser. Evidence based studies have shown that sclerotherapy in the hands of skilled practitioners gets better results than surface laser. Discomfort is not a reason to select laser over sclerotherapy. Sclerotherapy is usually extremely well tolerated and causes only a pinching sensation. Many patients who have undergone both treatments commonly say that the injections were far less uncomfortable.

One exception to the rule of sclerotherapy over laser is extremely “needle phobic” patients. These patients avoid sclerotherapy but at least another option is available to them.

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If you have any questions regarding sclerotherapy, feel free to email Dr. Roupenian at officeadmin@gci.net and I will do my best to answer them.

The Alaska Center for Venous and Lymphatic Medicine offers free consultations for patients who want to hear more about sclerotherapy before deciding whether treatment is something they wish to undergo.

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